How Casters Use Prolong Life

- Aug 11, 2017-

How does the casters use extended life?

1, please do not exceed the maximum load of the instructions, overload the use of the cause of the accident.

2, do not in acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and other special circumstances.

3, please do not brake the moment the wheel forced to shift.

4, please do not use the high and low differences in large or significant uneven ground walking.

5, do not use the temperature and temperature extreme special places. (Such as steam room, cold storage special environment).

6, please do not use the hammer forced to hit the brake pads, should be appropriate to press the brake pads [ON / separate] part, release the brakes.

7, please do not continue for a long time in the trailer, traction operation under the use.

8, please do not stop on the sloping ground