Use The Push Wheel To Know The Maintenance Knowledge

- Aug 11, 2017-

The correct maintenance method, can extend the life of the push wheel, thereby reducing the cost of repair and replacement. In the use of trolley wheel process, some people are easily overlooked factors, tend to cause great harm to the tire, therefore, push wheel manufacturers for everyone to analyze the specific.

1. When using the push wheel, pay attention to the road conditions, especially the trolley carrying a certain amount of goods, the pressure imposed on the tire is relatively large, if the road is not good, potholes uneven, in such a road, For the tire wear is relatively large, may lead to serious wear and tear of the tire sector, tire strength decreased, a long time, it may be puncture, driving instability and so on.

2. Winter when the snow on the road after the comparison, the general will use deicing snow agent, this deicing agent for the tire corrosion is relatively large, its main component is potassium acetate and chlorine, when prompted to melt snow and ice, it will form a solution , For the ground and the tires will cause greater corrosion, so the tire is prone to aging phenomenon, the aging rate will be accelerated. Therefore, when using the wheel in winter, be careful not to use in the use of snow melting agent in the place.

3. We may be easy to ignore the natural aging of tires, due to the four seasons, climate change is relatively large, tires in such climatic conditions, the performance will be affected, such as the winter when the rubber becomes harder, and the summer is more Soft, in such a hot and cold cycle conditions, the tire is easy to produce fine cracks, the cracks in the tire and the ground contact more places, also in the side, may be due to the usual tire pressure caused. Therefore, people should pay attention to observe the use of tires, found that such a fine lines should pay attention.