What Factors Affect The Life Of The Push Wheel

- Aug 11, 2017-

The quality of the trolley wheel has a great impact on the application of the trolley, if the tire quality is not good, regular repair and replacement, so the cost is relatively high, and affect the normal use of the trolley. Therefore, people should pay attention to the choice of high-quality tires, to ensure its long service life. There are many factors that affect the life of the wheel, people pay more attention.

Note that if the tire pressure is too low or too high, the load increases, may lead to increased wear and tear of the tire, so the tire life will be affected, which It is necessary to pay attention to the tire inspection, pay attention to inflatable method, do not overload use.

Second, the vehicle driving situation will also affect the quality of the tire, such as road conditions are good or bad, and some road surface uneven, the impact on the tire is relatively large, because the scope of application of the wheel is relatively wide, relatively different environmental conditions, The impact of tire life on the larger.

Third, for the use of vehicles, different people may have different habits, trolley skills are different, so that the use of the tire will have a certain impact, if used improperly, may exacerbate the tire wear, thereby reducing its Service life.

Of course, the fundamental factors affecting the life of the wheel is still its quality, mainly to see the tire material and process level, if the rubber material is excellent, advanced processing technology, then the tire is more solid, the service life is certainly longer.