Wheelchair PU Foam Tires

- Aug 11, 2017-

Disabled wheelchair PU foam solid tire, the new inflatable tire: a complete anti-piercing, inflatable, high strength, light and durable, moderate elasticity, from maintenance and other advantages. The new inflatable tire is a non-inflatable tire, is the use of micro-closed-cell foam technology to form a polymer material does not communicate with each other and dense micro-chamber, filled with high elastic sponge-like tires.

This kind of polymer material: on the one hand the use of three-dimensional network structure and permanent recoverability, by extrusion, after stretching can still restore the original shape, so that the tire to maintain the same shape, on the other hand the use of numerous interconnection and independent Of the micro-closed hole so that the tire has excellent flexibility and cushioning force, and can fully withstand the tire pressure changes, so that the tire at any time to maintain sufficient strength, like the traditional inner tube playing enough state, people still like riding a traditional tire So comfortable and lightweight.