8 X 2 Heavy Duty Plastic Rim Solid Rubber Powder Extinguisher Wheel

Heavy Duty 8-Inch Semi Pneumatic Solid Rubber Flat Free Tubeless Hand Truck/Utility Tire, 2-1/4" Offset Hub, 12mm 12.7mm 6mm 19mm Ball Bearing

Product Details

Rim materialPlastic (PP)
Applicable tiresolid rubber powder   tire
Bearing inner hole diameter12mm 12.7mm 6mm 19mm
load capacity40-50kg

We are manufacture and exporters of all kinds of wheels, tires, casters, wheelbarrow, hand trolley, tool carts, rubber wheel, Pu foamed wheel, plastic wheel, bicycle tyre&trailer tyre etc.

Quality inspection: We get each pieces undergo stringent quality inspection before shipment,and guarantee goods brandnew when you receive them

Packing: In customized cartons/pallets or in accordance with your requirements

Shipping: By vessel, air, post, within 30 days 

8INCH OFFSET HUB (8)_副本.jpg


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